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PEONIES ,Flowers, Fruits, Still lives.


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The majority of these paintings presented here were sold. Some, more recent, are still available in the workshop of the painter or are exposed in the Art galleries. This "virtual" exposure has only for ambition to present the various aspects of the painting of Géneau. For any further information, refer to the page "CONTACT".

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"blue peonies"21,65x18,11 inches

"Bleu cantilien" 18,11x14,96 inches

"Blue quintet"18,11x14,96 inches

"Sonates fleuries" 21,65x18,11 inches

"Suite en bleu" 21,65x18,11 inches

"La vie en rose"21,65x18,11 inches

"Accueil chaleureux" 13,78x10,63 inches

"Porte bonheur"18,11x14,96 inches

"Largo cantabile"13,78x10,63 inches

"Easy duet"13,78x10,63 inches

"Fête des fleurs"25,59x21,26 inches

"Printemps rose"25,59x21,26 inches

"Printemps fragile"18,11x14,96 inches

Fête champêtre"21,26x25,59 inches

"Près du verger"21,26x25,59 inches

"Bonnes pommes"25,59x21,26 inches

"Repère blanc"21,65x18,11 inches

"Appareil de fête"25,59x21,26 inches
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